Say No To Bullying

March 11, 2021

I witnessed kids being bullied because of the shoes they choose to wear or have to wear to school. Many kids make fun of other kids, because they don’t have the newest Jordans, the right clothes. So many kids go home sad because of what other kids have to say about them. Not everyone is into certain styles of shoes or clothes or can afford them. People’s parents send their kids to school to learn not to get bullied by other children.

Kids at school will wait until they get around a group of kids to talk about another student which is not right at all. Those kids have to sit there and listen to them getting talked about because they are not wealthy as the rest of the kids or something about is different: their look, voice, personality.  Often students do not choose to be a certain way, and even if they do, there isn’t anything wrong with it. Everyone is  just trying to make it day by day. Parents can only say so much about their kids safety at school. Some students act like it doesn’t hurt them that other kids say stuff like that but it does. Most kids just try to ignore it, make fun of someone else, or play along like it is okay. 

Some people don’t care about other people’s feelings and that’s what makes me angry because those kids don’t deserve that at all. Kids can be so mean sometimes and think why other students act the way they act because they have to protect themselves from the other kids. Kids will also laugh at the kids because of what their parents drive, not everyone is into newer types of cars and things like that. Some are just happy to not be walking but when kids make everything a competition it hurts other people. The teachers try their best to make sure all kids feel safe and are okay,  but what can teachers do with stuff kids don’t tell them. It is up to us to stand up when we see it and say something or friend that person who is being made fun of. Everyone just needs someone.

 It breaks my heart that people can be so mean like that without thinking about the other person’s feelings. Not knowing where they came from or why things are the way they are. Some people could have been homeless and the car that they have might have been the only warm place for them to lay their head. Then  those same kids have to come to school to get bullied and picked on because they are not like the rest of the kids at their school. That’s why its great to say no to bullying no matter what a person looks like or doesn’t have. It is never okay to bully because one day everything might not go well. We don’t know each other’s weaknesses or struggles. We should all be uplifting people instead of breaking people down more. 

If you are victim of being bullied or know someone who is you can always reach anonymously on:


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