Looking Up

October 18, 2020

Central Academy is a colorful place where you can always find somebody in the halls. A good portion of that time, when people aren’t looking at their phones, they are looking up. Down our longest hallways, along the ceiling, are over fifty colorful ceiling tiles. These tiles are designed and painted by Central Academy students in Coach Brookins art class. They are a way to forever leave your mark at Academy in a positive way.

Coach has been doing this project for some years now, to the point that freshmen probably don’t even know the students who painted the oldest tiles. Students are supposed to make their tiles a representation of themselves; they’re struggles, their past, their future. Some of the tiles seem pretty dark and deep, while others are bright and kind of goofy – but that doesn’t mean that both aren’t representing struggles.

When asked what students struggle with the most, Coach said something I remember from when I was in the class, “size”.  Students struggle with being brave enough to work big enough. They have this huge tile that people are going to be looking at from the ground, so for your message to get across and your design stand out, you have to work large.

Students use a variety of techniques to get their tile just right. Students design their piece and transfer it over, then they use sharpie and paint to make their design. Students have added fake eyelashes, fake money, and other weird objects to make it even more unique. Creating a tile is a right of passage.

Everyone has a different favorite tile. The tiles help student and teachers reminisce about students who have came and gone in the halls of Academy. Some students have gone on to make more than one tile and it is interesting to see how they change from that first tile to the last one they make. It is one of my favorite things I have been a part of at school. When I come back I know I’ll be looking up for it.

These tiles help to show that our school is not a “bad place” to be. In fact, we are creative and unique people just trying to make it. We want to leave our mark and be remembered for positive things. When we have subs and new people in the building they always comment on the great tiles and all the color and life in the building. It makes me proud that I added to that.

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