The Impact of Drug Abuse

April 29, 2021

A close friend of the family was a really bad drug addict years ago. My family and I think this friend might still be doing those drugs when they’re alone. When this friend first started doing drugs it was a really bad situation to be in because she lived far away from home with nobody to look after her daughter while she was sprung out on drugs. Using drugs can impact the whole family.

This friend used to choose drugs over her child, not realizing how that would affect that child in the end. This child grew up to hate her mother, even though she’s clean and has been clean of drugs for many years now. That child didn’t have a good childhood growing up and it’s sad honestly. No child should have to go through anything like this.

The family went from sleeping in cars to the child being taken from her mother by to her mother. This friend is at the point where she’s not able to really do it for herself, get better on her own. She’s been back and forth between doctor appointments because of how bad she’s doing now. She’s not really able to do much for herself right now with her being sickly.

When she had her second child, she wasn’t on drugs. The second child is now having to take care of her mother because the first child doesn’t want anything to do with her. The first child doesn’t wanna get involved because she feels as if her mother put her through a lot during her childhood. She has her own life and family that she has to be there for, so she can’t be missing work to take care of other people.

Stuff like this could really be stressful and overwhelming. It can hurt a whole family. The girl loves her mother, but she pushes her away anytime she tries to help so she just gives up and wants no dealings with any of it. A parent choosing drugs over their child could really damage that child, it could cause a child to go into depression or get into trouble.

If you know someone that is going through this, you should try to help or at least get them help. You can reach out to their family members or trying to get them to go to rehabilitation. There’s many different ways you could help a person dealing with these types of things, even if it is just being there for that person. That person has to be willing to help themselves though.

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