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February 5, 2021

When Central Academy began a new journalism program this year we were excited to get started, but we were in need of the tools to put our passion to work. We have gained leadership and teamwork skills through writing content for our website/newspaper. We felt so supported by the school district when we learned that the Cape Girardeau Public School Foundation had awarded our program a grant to buy an iPad to manage and create digital content, host our webpage, and buy us an amazing new camera to capture our peers.

This support has empowered us to express ourselves and grow in our knowledge of what it means to be digital citizen who ethically and responsibly creates content for our peers. Our involvement in the journalism program has helped us to be engaged citizens, who can speak up, and feel confident enough to be involved in issues that are important to us. Representation and opportunities are important and it is amazing to feel that our district thinks we are deserving of their support and that our journey is worth investing in.

Access to a professional grade camera provided us with an opportunity to learn and explore the technical aspects of photography such as: ISO, the impact of shutter speed, aperture, white balance and frame rate. It also allowed us to explore the artistic aspects of photography such as: composition, viewpoint, depth, texture, color, symmetry, vision tension, emotional impact, and many others.

The camera we were awarded is a Fuji X-T30, a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.



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