Good for Some, but Not Good for All

I started using Edgenuity in 7th grade. In the beginning it was very easy for me to understand the concept and stay caught up, but that is because I am someone who can learn independent.I’ve been using Edgenuity for about three years and each year it gets a little harder for me to stay on track as the material gets more difficult. I currently only do one edgenuity class which is math. I have more experience with the online program than a lot of the students that attend Central Academy. 

Mr. Fischer is one of the only teachers at CA that uses Edgenuity on a daily basis. Mr. Fischer started teaching at CA because he wanted to show students what math is all about. Coming into CA he didn’t know anything about the Edgenuity program and had to adapt to it. To prepare himself to be a teacher, he tutored people in college and did student teaching. He attended a community college in STL, SIUE and SEMO.

While working his Edgenuity classes are quiet. He’s constantly walking around watching and asking students if they need help. I don’t always think to ask, but he can just tell I need him. He keeps music playing throughout the day. It’s a relaxing environment. When asked what extra stuff he has to do because his students are on edgenuity, Mr. Fischer said, “I track everybody’s progress each day so I see what their percentage is everyday and how much they go up, I create my daily goals up on the board and I call parents and meet with students about their progress.” He has to really focus on if his students are achieving their goals on a daily basis. Thats a lot of responsibility.

When asked what he likes about the program, he said, “ I like that the program loops the information, so you’ll learn how to do something then it comes back to, you don’t just learn something and then it’s gone forever the other thing like about it is that I can look at their quizzes and then I can go back and look at what they did wrong and try to problem solve.” Students like edgenuity because it allows them to learn at their own pace and by themselves. It is good to focus on yourself sometimes.

Though Edgenuity has some positives, it also has negatives. Mr. Fischer said, “I don’t get to stand in front of my classroom and teach and so my kids don’t get a lot of opportunity to work with each other and do fun group projects and stuff like that so sometimes it can be hard to get interest into it.” Mr. Fischer thinks that students struggle the most with getting interested in math and that the instructors are not excited about Edgenuity. 

His favorite part of being a teacher is building a relationship with the kids, joking around, trying to make them realize that math isn’t just some stupid boring subject and that it can be used in real life situations. If given the chance he would get rid of the program, so he can teach in person and engage with the students. Even though it’s all on the computer Mr. Fischer is still some kids favorite teacher and he still impacts me. If he could teach in person it would be an even bigger impact.

I’d like it if Mr. Fischer did start teaching in person classes because I feel like it’d be easier and he could work at his own pace to meet the needs of other students. With Edgenuity he still helps, but it’s harder because it’s not only me that he has to help so sometimes I start falling behind. If we were all working together, no one would have to wait. I like having Mr. Fischer as a teacher. When I don’t understand something he takes as much time as I need for me to understand and he doesn’t get mad or irritated when I don’t. He is patient and kind just like a teacher should be.