Lasting Impressions

When I first met Coach Crowden I thought he was a girl because his hair was going down his back. He used to suck on his mustache all the time during football practice, real memorable. He was a good coach. You would have fun with all the coaches really. They make stuff fun, but don’t make them mad. I chose to interview Coach Crowden because of being in weight lifting and he showed me if you put in the work then you will achieve what you want.

For almost two full years at Central Academy, Coach Crowden has had a lot of roles: ISS teacher, Health teacher, and Weightlifting coach. When asked why he wanted to be a Coach, he responded, ‘’So I was fortunate enough to have some pretty good coaches growing up through junior high and high school and they made a pretty positive impact on my life. They allowed me and showed me how to be successful.” Wanting to make a difference in the lives of students is also why he chose to be a teacher at an alternative school, ‘I feel like I can make the biggest impact on students here.”

Coach has helped make a lot of changes at CA, one of those is making a weight lifting program. Opportunities for students are few sometimes when it comes to classes and he helped grow that. I asked, “what made you want to start a weight program at Central Academy.” He said, “Uhh because I saw how weak kids were,he laughed, nah No I think good things can come out of weight lifting you know, obviously you can get stronger and lose weight, do what you want to do as far as health goals, but I’ve noticed a significant change in behavior and discipline since we started that.  Usually if you get kids working hard they are more willing to act right in school.” The weight lifting program was a really good idea. 

“I want kids to see that they can achieve what they want to achieve if they put the work in, so they will reap what they sow, meaning they’re not going to get to where they want to be if they don’t put in the hard work.” I really like the way he answered this question, but what he said is true if you don’t put in the work then you won’t achieve anything.

Coach decided to motivate students by keeping records in weightlifting. He thought this was a good way to hold students accountable and to keep them trying hard in class. So we got records for weightlifting. There’s records in four categories: bench press, box squat, hex bar deadlift, and pull ups. When he was teaching P.E there were some records, but he grew that. 

When asked what his favorite part of the job was, he said,  “It would be the foursure connection I build with kids and just seeing them progress and learn how to follow expectations and how to work hard and how to be successful.” What is the hardest part of your job? “Getting them to understand that relationship.” I feel the favorite part of his job that I see him enjoying is when he sees that kids are putting in hard work and are really trying to achieve something.

 I asked him if he liked teaching Health or Weightlifting more and he said, “That is tough, you know I enjoy them both a lot. In Health I enjoy talking with my classes because we get to hear cool stories and different views on things. In weight lifting the harder my class works the more I enjoy it so it just kind of depends on the class really.” Deep down inside I know he likes teaching weightlifting more but I took both health and weightlifting class and they were both fun. 

 Coach builds a connection with the students he teaches.  “We can have pretty good conversations in health. We are pretty open with everything so I get to learn a lot about the kids in that class and so as I’m learning about them, they are learning about me. Also I lift with the weightlifting class so if i’m in there putting in hard work alongside some of my students working hard then we kind of have that bond also.” It’s not hard to build a connection with Coach Crowden because he is a fun, understanding, and a funny guy. He will joke with you all day long, but you don’t want to make him mad because he will hold you accountable.