What is JAG you Ask?

Well, the JAG program is a program that is ran by Mrs. McKinley at Central Academy, but is a nation wide program in high schools all around. The program teaches students skills that they will need to have a bright and successful  future! Even though I am not in JAG, I was interested in learning more about it and what the program has to offer.

I interviewed a few students to see their perspective on the JAGprogram and they all had good things to say.  For example, 9th grader Azeriontay Ray, who has been in the JAG program for 2 terms says that he would recommend the program to other students because it helps to prepare them for the future. He also stated that ‘kids are held accountable if they want to be in the program, we have to keep our grades up if we want to stay a part of the program’. 

After I interviewed Azeriontay I thought about what he said about them being held accountable. I think that JAG is a great addition to CA because it not only provides students with another elective, but it provides them with an opportunity to gain responsibility and self-advocacy beyond the skills needed in a “regular” class. Mrs. McKinley works hard to check-in with her students and when they are struggling many of them go to her for advice on how to correct their behavior and chart their own course to success. 

The next student I interviewed was Conner Cox who is in 10th grade and has been in the JAG program for 4 terms. Connor told me that JAG “helps kids get back on the right track and get their money up, not their funny up.” While this quote is hilarious and shows the personality of the students involved in JAG, it also sums up part of the purpose of JAG – getting students to get serious about their future plans for a post-high school life.

  After interviewing all the students and doing a little bit of research I definitely think this program is helpful to CA students. The actual JAG program is an international program that stands for [Jobs for American Graduates]. Also the Jag program not only teaches project based learning and employer engagement but it also teaches trauma care. I definitely think this program is super beneficial to so many kids not only at CA but all over the world for many different reasons. Now that i have sat down and spoken with my peers about JAG, I am going to make sure it is on my schedule next year!