Opinion: Riding Bikes

Have you ever thought biking could be more than just an activity or a hobby? Yea, there are many sports that involve bikes, but only a small percentage of people can do that. I personally think that riding bikes is fun. I ride my bike just about every day and everywhere. To school, around the town, to a friend’s house, I even ride my bike to the skatepark to bike and have fun there.

Now what if everybody started riding bikes, not even everybody, but a good majority of people. That could cut down traffic, gas prices, pollution, and you also get great exercise. Say you don’t know where to start with biking, well that’s no problem because there are tons of different ways you can ride a bike. There’s  bmx, mountain biking, road biking, you could even tour people around giving them a ride on your bike.Bicycle Types Icons Set, Simple Style Stock Vector - Illustration of balance, healthy: 79676042

I think everyone would see some small or major benefits from more people riding bikes. You may even find a new thing to do in your free time. I also believe more people should ride bikes because there’s so many interesting things you can find on a bike in places you couldn’t get to with a car. Did I forget to mention all the different people you could meet and even make new friends? I don’t know how many new friends I have from just stopping and talking on my bike.  But that’s why I think more people should start riding bikes.