“It’s Gonna Get Better, I Promise”

Bre Jones

“It’s gonna get Better, I Promise.”

I’ve been through a lot of emotional, physical, and mental pain in my life. It started when I was 6 years old, when I was taken from my mom to go live with my dad. My mom was devastated and cried the whole time. Me and my brother were only supposed to be with my dad for a year but, my dad ran from my mom for 4 more years.  During the 5 years I was with my dad, it was terrible. He starved us and neglected us. He didn’t care how we felt. We cried every night for our mom but he didn’t care. My dad would tell us that our mom was a bad person but in reality it was him. So as the years went by my dad kept getting worse and worse. He started to not listen to what we wanted or needed. Me and my sister, Alexis, decided to go to the school and tell on my dad but they didn’t believe us. We kept trying to tell people what was going on but no one listened to our cries. Maybe they will listen now. It was a year before i turned 11 and my dad had got himself a girlfriend and she seemed nice at first but later that year she was terrible to me and my siblings. One day I was cleaning my room and she came to me and said not to leave my room until it’s done. So I listened and stayed in my room but my brother’s toys were in my room so I took them to his room and she saw me and whooped me. She used a belt that had holes in it and left a big welp mark on my back. That’s when I started to not like my stepmom. This went on for a few months then she got pregnant by my dad and then they broke up because they had a big argument about the unborn baby. So my stepmom left him. 

After my stepmom left him, my dad got worse and stopped thinking about us. He neglected even more. It’s like he was there but wasn’t really there. After I turned eleven was when I saw my mom for the first time after 5 years. I was excited but nervous. I didn’t know how to act. After all the years I was away from my mom you would think that me and her still had our bond we used to have but we didn’t . I moved back in with her in the summer before I turned 12. When I first started to live with my mom it was ok we didn’t argue. After a while me and my mom started to argue a lot. I would go back and forth between my mom and dad, I didn’t know which one to pick from. I wanted both to be honest. By the time I was 17 I decided to choose my mom. After I moved back in with my mom my dad got arrested. Then in October I got pregnant with my daughter. During the time I was pregnant it was rough. Being pregnant wasn’t really that painful and I really didn’t crave new food except I craved Pickles and ice cream and hot chips a lot.  It mostly was that I ate a lot of the foods I already liked. There would be times that my back would hurt and my feet didn’t really swell up until I ate salty things.

 But overall I kinda loved it because I had something to look forward to. It was a week before my next appointment and I was so excited because the next appointment was my last appointment before I had my baby. I already had a name picked out. Her name was going to be Angel Ann-Marie Jones. You might be wondering where the baby daddy is. Well he left me once he found out i was pregnant. I didn’t care really because all I cared about was my daughter. But him leaving me did kinda hurt though. But that led me to become better than I was. After my daughter passed away, I had bad depression. I had mental breakdowns and I had thoughts of hurting myself. It was hard for me and I wanted to give up, but my mom didn’t. That’s why I’m here today because of my mom. She helped me the most. The reason why I’m telling you this is so you don’t do what I did or you don’t give up on life no matter what you go through. If you do get pregnant I fully support you. I recommend you keep your head up and it will get Better, I promise.