I am Amazing: A Short About Loving Yourself

I am amazing! How amazing am I you may ask, there’s no telling because I get better by the day. Now just because I am amazing that doesn’t mean I’m perfect, nobody is. I say that because lots of people take words differently. For example I like to think of myself as the HBIC( Head Boss In Charge). I bet you thought of the other B word didn’t you? If so, you just proved my point. If not then you probably don’t have common sense. I like to think highly of myself because nobody else is going to do that for me. Self confidence is the most important thing to me. 

I wasn’t always this confident about myself. Back in middle school I was quiet, shy, had no friends, and I eventually got bullied because of it. But now, I walk with meaning,I start conversations. Sometimes I am the conversation that’s a perk of being amazing. I let it be known that I AM here and you will hear me ROAR! My confidence makes me the person that I am today. All you have to do is believe in yourself, be confident in yourself and at what you do and look good while doing it because that will make you AMAZING just like me. Maybe not as amazing as me but you’ll be amazing. And to show how amazing I am I have a song you can listen to.



This positivity, self-love, and acceptance of oneself is something that we hope all our readers can find within themselves and embrace. We are all worthy.