Culinary Review #1: Halloween Candy

Harboro Gummy Bears

Huddled together in a glowing state of sealed hibernation, Harboro gummy bears wait for their plastic bag cave to be overly opened. Upon first glance, the light shines through the opaque miniature bears. Each small bear sits at attention with all four feet and head pointed straight at the viewer, as if it was ready to be placed in a tiny chair. The bear can be squished between the fingers, but bounces back into its compressed shape. It leaves an instantly sweet and fruity ( though the flavor of fruit is vague) taste in the mouth and bits of the bear get nestled between the teeth. I am skeptical and suspect that the “variety” of flavors promised on the packaging is a marketing ploy. Each bear tastes nearly identical to its other colored sibling. Gummy bears are a classic and staple of childhood, but one best left to those past their braces years.

-Collaborative Review


Candy Pumpkins

The sound of rolling dice when it hits a surface. A muffled sound when you bite into it, that slides through your teeth like a thick cream. The smell is sweet and very tempting. The feeling is waxy almost like play-doh. It also is covered in bumpy ridges, giving it its’ pumpkin-like shape. Tis’ not your grocery store pumpkin, short and stout. Pretty sturdy and has brighter and more vibrant colors than a normal pumpkin. Tastes creamy, but very fatty. You just know from one bite it isn’t good for you. It is sweet at first, but very bland. It tastes almost stale with no hint of actual pumpkin.

-Mason Cookson


Traditional Candy Corn

Golden striped  triangle shaped mountains with a tangerine bottom and a pale ice top lay crowed together in a bag. It feels like a waxy piece of candle with a mild smell, but it sounds like a jingle of a baby rattle with a sweet tangy taste of honey. Little halloween mountains scattered on the shelves of stores everywhere in the fall. Cheap miniature reminders of the changing season. A favorite to some and a disappointment to others. It make kids happy when they are given them, but eat too many and your teeth and stomach are bound to hurt.

-Xavion Mahoney