Violation: A True Story of Covid Testing

This story is a first-hand account of what it is is like to be tested for the Covid-19 contagion.

It was Friday evening and I just left the hospital. My mom wanted me to get checked out for Covid because I had a runny nose. As I was sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for lights to turn green and for cars to pass, I stared to daydream, but that’s for a different story. A couple minutes pass and we get to this red brick building by a busy road and there’s this big sign saying “ pull up and roll your windows up ”. Fast forward 5 minutes and we get signed in thanks to the nice lady with a clipboard. After that, we sat down in the cold brightly lit off-white colored waiting room. The tv in the corner of the room had a show about hotdogs on. I remember seeing a hotdog being wrapped in an eggroll, (who does that) before I said it was enough and went to sleep. Next, I woke up to go into the doctor’s room. I thought the doctor was going to come in because it was called a doctors room, someone came in and did my pulses and temperature.

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Then she left and then the room went silent for a couple minutes until the real doctor showed up. I thought the nurse was the doctor the whole time. But the doctor came in and asked me the two questions. Are you on drugs and are you sexualy active. I think I did well answering with my mom in the room. The Doctor left the room and it went silent again so I started making jokes then the nurse came back in. I thought she was getting the swab ready for the doctor, but I found out she was doing it after she said “ go in sit up for me.” What does the doctor even do? 

My soul felt crushed when she touched my brain with that cotton. I swear she hit a nerve or something. I stared having a flashback and every thing. Fast forward through a few days of isolation and missing school and the test is negative. All that over a runny nose.