Culinary #2: Halloween Candy Revisited

Carmel Apple Pops

Caramel Apple Pops are crisply packaged in a green tootsie pop wrapper. The sucker looks like a small caramelized green apple on a stick. The caramel is freshly put on there so when you open the wrapper it has the shape and figure as the wrapper. The smell of the sucker is delightful as you get the whiff of the tasty caramel,  once you get through the caramel you get to the sweet and hard green apple flavored candy. Once you chomp down on the hard sticky sweet pop it’s as if you’re chewing on a jolly rancher. The after taste of the candy isn’t bad plus I like the nice apple taste you get when you get past the caramel. It is an affordable and good tasting snack to have and would recommend this treat to be in people’s halloweens baskets this year.

-David Suchil


Trolli Gummy Candy

Enter a 5 by 9 bag of crackling stiffness. You grab it, then you shake it and start to get salt shaker vibes. You open it and you smell a tangy sour smell that tickles your nose hairs. Next the bag falls and you see the psychedelic candy corn shed some of its sugar flakes, as if falls to the bottom of the bag. Three loose pieces of the candy smack the ground, but that’s cool though because its a five second rule. So you eat it and there’s a gritty feeling to it with a bittersweet taste, tempting you to keep snacking. It may not be the traditional candy corn, but it is a good spin.

-E’Jah Wade