Terrific Tiger 2020-2021

October 11, 2020


Terrific Tiger September

Talk about a strong start! Congratulations to Abdul Sides-Grey on earning our first Terrific Tiger of the 2020-2021 school year. Abdul is always laughing, smiling, and has quickly became a friend to his peers. His positive and outgoing personality is well-known throughout the building. He is always saying hello and asking people how their day is going. “Abdul is always putting forth his best effort. Abdul is a dreamer who works towards his dreams everyday. As soon as Abdul walks into Central Academy he lights up the room with his laugh, smile, and personality. Central Academy is proud to have Abdul and the school truly wouldn’t be the same without him.”- Ms. Ringer. ┬áTo celebrate this occasion Ms. Ringer made a limited edition run of “Abdul’s first day of Kindergarten T’s”. It goes without saying that these were a big hit. Congrats Abdul, keep making CA proud.

Terrific Tiger October