CTC: Try it Out

Xavion Mahoney, Journalist

The CTC, or Career and Technical Center, is a program that I am currently involved in. I am taking the graphic arts courses and and enjoying it so far. I got to design my own t-shirt, and learning the different programs in Adobe, how to work a heat press, screen print, and other design jobs. I work with a lot of ink to print designs on t-shirts. I am just starting, but CTC is helping me to decide what I want to do career wise. It is also providing me with skills that I can use on resume. Below you can find an interview with my school counselor, Ms Nancy Randol, concerning the CTC.

*interview transcript*

Xavion: What is the CTC?

Mrs Randol: The CTC is the Career and Technology Center. It provides education, resources, and hands on experience for both secondary and post-secondary students. It is located next to the central high school in Cape.

Xavion: Is it just for high school students at Cape? If not,who else goes?

Mrs Randol: It is not just for central high school students, high school students from ten sending districts can go to the CTC as well as adult learners. 

Xavion: What types of programs does CTC have for high school students?

Mrs Randol: They have all kinds of programs such as health care programs, welding,Culinary arts, Auto Collision, Auto Technology, Basic Flight, Child Care, Graphic Design, Criminal Justice, Landscape and Horticulture, Marketing, and Construction, Computer Programming, Computer Networking, and more.

Xavion: Why is CTC an important opportunity?

Mrs Randol: It is an extremely important opportunity for students who excel with hands-on activities and experiences and gives students the opportunity to have more than what is known as “the traditional classroom experience”.

Xavion: Do you think CTC can impact a student’s future?

Mrs Randol: Absolutely, I think the CTC gives those students who may crave a different educational opportunity the chance to shine. Students who complete CTC courses can learn a trade or skill and come out of the CTC with not only a job, but a career and a path to their future.

Xavion: Is there a program you wish the CTC offered?

Mrs Randol: I wish they offered a cosmetology, nail technician, and barber class.I know some of our students have been interested in those types of careers and it would be nice if they could train for them during high school for free and graduate with not only their high school diploma but also their cosmetology or barber certificate and be ready to roll right into a job. 

Xavion: What do students from CA struggle with most when it comes to the CTC?

Mrs Randol: If I had to say some of the things the students struggle with, it would be attendance. However, that is not just an issue at the CTC, those students who struggle with attendance there, also struggle with it at CA. The problem with that is when you are working in a hands-on situation and you miss instruction, it is hard to make up that missed experience. For instance, if you are in Construction Tech and your instructor shows the class important safety steps and you missed it you could put yourself or your crew in harm’s way. The other thing I have seen some of our students struggle with is the cost of materials or extra fees needed for class. However, they don’t need to worry about that because we will do whatever it takes to help students obtain any needed materials or help with any extra fees they might incur. 

Xavion: If you could change anything about the CTC what would it be?

Mrs Randol: If I could change anything about the CTC, obviously I would add the classes that I mentioned, I would like for it to be bigger so they could take more students, I wish the Culinary Arts class delivered to CA, and I would like for it to be free for adults.

Xavion: Is there anything you want to add?

Mrs Randol: I think the CTC is a great program that can set students up for a promising future and I wish more of our students would take advantage of all the wonderful courses offered. If you are a high school student it is free to attend the CTC, if you want to go to the CTC as an adult you have to pay tuition, therefore, I feel it makes way more sense to look into the CTC now at all the great opportunities just waiting for you!