Making Covid His Own

October 18, 2020

This has been a crazy school year and we are still in the first quarter. With all the masks, frequently absent teachers and fellow students, it can be hard to find joy. Everything feels more stressful and freedoms are limited at school. Thankfully, Khamani Rutherford is helping to create some joy through his art. Khamani is painting a large mural right outside the math room. The mural is vibrant and breaking out through the neutral colored bricks, grabbing the attention of anyone who walks past. His inspiration? Covid 19.

This is the second student-painted mural to appear on the walls as a part of Coach Lawrence Brookin’s art class. When asked by the local news team at KFVS12 what inspired the direction of the piece, Khamani stated, “I think what really led me to draw this is just being in class and having to draw with my mask on.” The mural is a expressive self-portrait, showing how COVID makes him feel. “You see the eyes? You see how they’re all closed, I would say tired, sad,” he said to KFVS12.

Khamani has only joined us here at CA this August, but already he is making a positive impact. Teachers comment that he is a joy to have in class, bringing up everyone’s mood, while also holding his classmates accountable. Khamani is a great example to those around him and is always smiling. Coach Brookins often refers to Khamani as “fearless”, in his use of color and approach to art.

While painting this mural Khamani has received guidance from Coach Brookins and local artist, Malcom McCrae. It has been great to walk by the piece each day and see it a little bit more finished. It has been on several students’ social media pages and is commented on each day. Each day students walk by and give positive words of encouragement to Khamani or comment about how awesome it is. The support and positivity around the mural from the student population has been a nice addition to the day.

Upon first glance it might seem odd to immortalize a time period that is stressful for everyone, but Khamani is taking this moment and making it his own. While he is still working on his piece at the time of this article, we know that it will leave a lasting impact on each person who walks by it.


This mural was covered by the Southeast Missourian.

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Comments (2)

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  • M

    Mary RichardsOct 23, 2020 at 10:28 am

    This is a great article! Love this publication! There are so many talented students at CA – Coach Brookins brings out the very best in them!

  • A

    Andrea SchneiderOct 21, 2020 at 7:34 pm

    Thrilled to see Khamani using his artistic abilities to make a positive impact in the community! I had the joy and privilege of being his art teacher in elementary school-his talent was evident to me from the time he was in 2nd grade! Does my teacher heart good to see he is still pursuing his passion….great job, Khamani!