6th Grade Vibes


Ms Ringer's Class, 6th Grade 2020

Ms. Ringer challenged her 6th grade class to create a “soundtrack of their life”. Each student created a unique list of sounds to define their lives and their outlook on life. The journalism team really enjoyed these and wanted to share two that stood out to us.


Armarion Anderson

The first song I would choose is isis by Joyner Lucas because I have ADHD and is describes how crazy I can get if I don’t take my meds .The second song I would choose is called Whatchu On Today by Bankrol Hayden and PoloG  because it talks about brotherhood and I have a brother so I can relate to the song a’lot.


Nakira Murray

If I could create a soundtrack of my life one would be Mary Mary Cant Give Up Now. I picked that song because when I feel like I can’t do nothing right or I started something and I don’t think I can make it or finish it I play that song cause it reminds me to never give up I started it so I know can finish it.

My second song  Is Rod Wave I listen to rod wave when I’m sad or in my feelings or I will listen to him cause I like his music. Its  relaxing and clam and sad and I like listening to stuff like that just because I like it.  My third song is Toosii Sapiosexual. That song just something to vibe to and I just love that song it just something I listen to when I feel like I want to. My Fourth favorite song is YNW Melly I Had A Dream. I  just like that song. It is just something I vibe to because it is cool; its just my favorite song. My Firth song is Toosii Love Cycle, That’s the stuff I’m in Love With, that song I vibe to.