Masky’s Tutu

October 20, 2020

*Ever sit around the campfire with your friends, eating delicious s’mores and telling weird, sometimes spooky, stories. Ms Thomas’ class were each given a story starter sentence and passed around the story, each adding their own twist, until everyone had contributed. This is one of those stories. The change from normal to bold print signifies a passing of the story.*


One day I became best friends with a raccoon, his name was Masky and he wore a tiny tutu. We would spend hours dancing through the forest. One day we saw a spooky old house in a clearing. The house was painted black and had lime green shutters. There was smoke coming from the chimney so we knew someone was home. We walked up and lightly tapped on the door. The door flew open and Ghost answered the door and said you “Just got booed Me, and Musky ran.

We said “yeet” and ran the other way back into the woods and saw a dog named Pete. He was a bloodhound and my protector. My tutu was covered in boo juice and it was crazy. I was trapped, the flying pigs were there. They looked at me and said “Oh, I am here to take the tutu. I said, “No, never” and started running, but all of a sudden I saw a big shadow there. A Pig Monster chem and said, “Give me the tutu.” I said, “What was so special about this tutu.” He said, “It cost $1,000,000,000.” I said, “Then you are definitely not getting it. You know how much chicken I can get?” I ran as fast as I could with no looking back. Mask was right next to me.

Next thing I know we made it home. We ran in the house super fast. Mask locked all the doors. And I let out a deep breath of relief. We made it home safe and sound, and Masky still had his expensive tutu intact. We had such a short, crazy and fun adventure. Thought, I’d be okay if we didn’t have to repeat the events. I am just happy to have Masky as my best friend.


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