Food Review: Social’s Cafe 6″ Cake

October 28, 2020

A mesmerizing, velvety black cylinder sits stout, covered in a sticky, white web. There are tiny, hard-sugar ghosts, flying through the webs, clutching candy corn half their height. Plopped on the top, are large puffy buttercream ghosts, separated by brown and orange macaroons. This 6″ cake gives off the spooky vibes.

“He’s really talented,” commented DeAndre Baylis during the testing for this review. The team was impressed with the attention to detail and the perfect touches to each aspect of the cake’s design. It’s a no filter needed, SnapChat sexy design. The lumbering ghosts are begging for you to dive right in.

Before the cake is even cut, you can smell a sweet aroma and you know that you are about to have a sugar rush. Cutting into the cake is a total surprise. We knew it was a confetti cake, but the Halloween vibes and dark palette made the pops of color on the inside a surprise.

This cake is SWEET. The three layers of confetti cake are cushioned between layers of buttercream. The texture is smooth, with a slight crumble, and perfectly chilled. “It’s like chewing on a cloud.” This creamy cake is savory and a single sliver is enough to tide you over and satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth. Macaroons weren’t our thing, but a great touch and fun to try.

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