JAG Comes to CA

David Suchil, Journalist

Things are always changing at CA and opportunities for students continue to grow. This year CA decided to become part of the nationally recognized JAG program, otherwise known as Jobs for America’s Graduates. JAG’s purpose is to help students find, get, and keep a job – both during high school and after. It helps prepare you for the social and technical aspects of being successful in the workspace. It is headed by Ms. McKinley. She is aiding students as they try to get a job – helping them fill out job applications, mock interviewing, writing resumes, and even picking out their professional attire. 

In JAG students research careers and take interest inventories. They discuss their life goals and try to decide what post High School path they should choose. This class’s goal is more to help students know what to expect and do after graduation and to make it on their own in the real world. Students also work on team building, speaking in front of others, and mentoring other students. This semester JAG groups have been working with CA junior high classes on projects of self-empowerment and social skills. It is a student led, project based learning model and it puts students in front of their own learning. 

The Initial goal is to help graduates survive after high school and we happen to have a teacher who shows and puts the same amount of effort every day which is a good example for the students. Having a supportive teacher makes it easier to come in and put your all into the program.