A Capitol Visit

December 9, 2020

It all started with the class “JAG”. JAG is a class I take at Central Academy. It teaches us about unity, careers,respect for one another,and learning how to do new things in life. It is a brand new class this year at Central Academy. One day our teacher, Ms McKinley, said we were going to start writing a multiple page essay about how we wanted to give back to the community. When I got the assignment I was like “Oh man I’m going to fail”. My confidence wasn’t there. First day of writing I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. I was just so confused and puzzled and nervous. I got this crazy feeling one day, I was just like My Big Sister, from Big Brothers Big Sisters, and I made a good story for a paper and impacted my life in a lot of ways.

Everything I wrote in my essay came straight from my heart. I meant everything I said. When you write from the heart and aren’t afraid to share that with other people the words just flow. I wrote about how she mattered a lot to me and helped me so much and I want to return that to other people. This assignment put the opportunity into perspective for me.

There wasn’t a day that my Big Sister did not correct me if I was wrong and that’s what I love the most about her. Real caring holds you accountable and wants you to do the best you can do. Writing the essay opened up my eyes to bigger and better things. My essay was picked by teachers at my school. The teachers didn’t know whose story they were just told to read them and picked. They were told to choose the essay that was well written, heartfelt, and genuine.

After I was picked and told me I won, I was told about the trip to Jefferson City to meet the Governor and His Wife. The day we went to Jefferson City it was a long drive, but it was really worth it. I felt so good to step in the Capitol building with the Governor and his wife, that same day we toured the Governor’s Mission and we got to know a lot of cool facts about the first ladies that were there. At the Capitol Building I was chosen to present the first lady with the book of all the winning essays. She has chosen my essay out of all the essays in Missouri. The first lady hugged me and told me she read my essay and that it was very good and how proud of me she was. The whole day felt great to me. It was like I was living in a dream. I had an amazing time experiencing all of the buildings. I even go offered to go have brownies for somebody in the Capitol Building. It was a dream come true and I’m forever grateful that I got the opportunity to do all the things I did that day. 


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