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Central Academy Press was founded in August of 2020. We are a student led journalism team at Central Academy, an alternative education center in Cape Public Schools. This platform helps us to share our voice and stories with our peers and community. It provides us with an opportunity to grow our communication skills, both digitally and in-person,  and develop our interpersonal skills. Thank you for supporting us in our creative journey as we capture memories, find our voice, and make a lasting impact at CA.

Founding Members: Mason Cookson, Danielle Gorham, Xavion Mahoney, David Suchil, and E’Jah Wade. Advisor: Ms Brianna DeWitt.



Our catch phrase is a play on the idiom “catch a tiger by the tail”. It means that we aren’t afraid to grab a good story and see it through, no matter what.

Follow us on Instagram: @centralacademypress and use #CAP to get our attention.

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